Create a mission

>>> my_flight, my_mission = sdk.missions.create(
...     name='My mission',
...     project='5d1a14af0422ae12d537af02',
...     survey_date='2019-01-01T00:00:00.000Z',
...     number_of_images=2,
... )

See the missions.create() documentation.

Describe a mission

To describe a mission or a list of missions:

>>> my_mission = sdk.missions.describe('5d1a14af0422ae12d537af03')
>>> my_missions = sdk.missions.describe(['5d1a14af0422ae12d537af03',
...                                      '5d1a14af0422ae12d537af06'])

See the missions.describe() documentation.

Update a mission

To update the name of a mission:

>>> my_updated_mission = sdk.missions.update_name('5d1a14af0422ae12d537af03',
...                                               name='new name')

See the missions.update_name() documentation.

To update the survey date:

>>> my_updated_mission = sdk.missions.update_survey_date('5d1a14af0422ae12d537af03',
...                                                      survey_date='2019-01-03')

See the missions.update_survey_date() documentation.

Delete a mission

To delete a mission:

>>> sdk.missions.delete('5d1a14af0422ae12d537af03')

See the missions.delete() documentation.

Request for an archive of photos

To ask for an archive creation for all images of a mission:

>>> sdk.missions.create_archive('5d1a14af0422ae12d537af03')

See the missions.create_archive() documentation.

Search missions

Search the first 20 missions with awesome in the name, sort by newest first:

>>> my_filters = {'name': {'$match': 'awesome'}}
>>> my_sort = {'creation_date': -1}
>>> sdk.missions.search(filter=my_filters, sort=my_sort, limit=20)

Search the second page of same request:

>>> sdk.missions.search(filter=my_filters, sort=my_sort, limit=20, page=2)

See the missions.search() documentation.

Do some stuff for all results, without using pages but using iterator:

>>> sg = sdk.missions.search_generator(filter=my_filters, sort=my_sort)
>>> for mission in sg:
...     print(mission.name)

See the missions.search_generator() documentation.